Gideon Rises Clips

             Bewarb! This Article Contains Spoilers!

Hey Guys! I found some awesome clips from the upcoming Gravity Falls Episode, Gideon Rises! So first theres...

Which looks very interesting, Especially that they have to live with soos's grandma. I bet Gideon's announcement is Gideon Land but I can be wrong. 
Next there's....

You can see the giant robot gideon, and they make a deal with Jeff the gnome. I think the giant gnome monster will fight Gideon bot. What do you think will happen? Post Below!

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Crazy Theory & more info on Gideon Rises


                       Now If you didn't care for the warning continue reading. 

I recently found this picture below 

Which was most likely taken at this summers San Diego Comic-Con! and this is obviously Old man McGucket!

and found this 

Which is the the first image from a different perspective!  

So I would assume Gideon Rises is full of flash backs like in This picture below
This is a flashback of when McGucket was burying the book in it's hiding place! now check this out!

As you see it's the same place with the tree and stuff and there it is! the opening of exactly where mcgucket buried the book! Keep in mind That could be someone else but this is how it looks like this is adding up to be. 

 Now to something that was very interesting...

This opens up to new information! It's the same scene from before but an open book showing possible hiding places of the books! the page to the right says "system #3" as in Book 3's hiding place and it shows the contraption from where Dipper found the book!  

Now for our finale image

I don't even know what to say about this other than that it could be a flash back or something. Also how could someone find this image. either it was leaked recently, it was fan-made or was shown at San Diego Comic-con

I will post more when more photos get leaked!
    What do you think about this? Post below!




Info on Gideon Rises & New Theory

As you see the picture below reveals the release date of part 2 of the season finale which I've been informed is called Gideon Rises  and I will post when it is fully leaked.

So there's that & I found out from Part 1 which info on Part 1 Dreamscapers the creepy triangle guy's name is Bill Cypher! and I have a new conspiracy about it which is shown below.

How do you guys feel about this stuff? POST BELOW!